After a successful solo show with Lazarides last year (covered), Lucas Price (featured) is getting ready to open a very special pop-up show on the 12th and 13th of May at Protein in East London. Tender Buttons is his largest project to date which consists exclusively of oil paintings of buttons.

The artist whose career spans from the streets of London, to a Master’s Degree at the Royal College of Art, and all the way to Tate Museum, recently finished a new series of works. As a fan of art that includes text as as an integral part of his work, his search for his one liner (something to produce as a series) ended up with photo realistic paintings of an iconic accessory. Taking badges from his own collection, borrowing them from friends and even making new ones especially for this project, the imagery consist of ska badges, Def Jam badges, anti Nazi badges, funny badges, drug-related badges, pro feminist badges, sexist badges, and more. Each celebrating and immortalizing a certain lifestyle, these paintings are sort of a witness of our times and times passed. Combining his love for portraits as a classic form, along with photo realism and use of words, this comprehensive set of paintings features precisely 100 unique works that will be revealed to public for the first time.

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