After showing at The Outsiders back in 2013 (covered), Lucas Price aka Cyclops will mark his Lazarides Rathbone debut with a solo exhibition entitled Dumb Poetry. The artist, whose career started with graffiti experiments, and who then evolved into one of the most prolific street artists in London, is currently focused on his fine art where he combines his previous influences through contemporary photorealism.

While the previous show was based on Baroque-era portraiture, the new works deconstruct traditional still life. From an unusual choice of motifs to unexpected compositions and medium choices, these oils have the feel of the evidence Polaroids which we’ve seen from him before. Fans of his work will recognize the familiar elements and concepts, so the new pieces can be seen as improved or reinvented versions of those classic works. Basketballs, tires, fire extinguishers and the use of text are not new in his work, but the way they are composed together in these fresh pieces is a new direction for the artist. In order to achieve the strong effect between painted imagery versus text, some of the paintings were screen printed upon their completion which is another unique approach to creating his artwork with a striking result. This combination of provocative fragments of text and bold imagery that changes the overall meaning of the content creates a whole new visual language noticeable on these preview photos we’ve received. Dumb Poetry will open on the 14th August and will stay on view until the 10th of September.

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