On 27th of June, Icelandic abstract and conceptual artist Katrin Fridriks (featured) is opening her long awaited London solo show. After successfully introducing her work in British capital with solo shows during Art 13 (covered) and Art 14 (covered), as well as participating in the Brutal (covered) and Fresh Paint group shows, Lazarides Rathbone are proudly hosting Flying Awareness. The focus of this elaborate show that will feature some 25 new original works, is raising awareness about the political and social aspect of constant monitoring and surveillance in modern society.

In order to achieve this, Fridriks produced new body of work which combines her liquid paint flow, splattering and dripping techniques as well as creating some large installation pieces. The 440 x 160cm installation FLY-ZONE, consisting of nine round acrylic canvases for horizontal, and vertical black plexi sticks for altitude, shows her vision of the distorted images of earth’s landscape and people’s identification seen through the eyes of drone technology. By layering her different techniques of applying paint on canvas or paper, her works are get a new twist and more depth. With paintings such as Flying Awareness or FLY-ZONE often being seen as abstract landscapes, visitors get the sensation of flying over these terrains while analyzing them. Along with these new works that can be seen both from a macro or micro perspective, an interactive installation with silver reflected paper will be built within the gallery for the duration of the show.

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