Iceland born artist Katrin Fridriks will have a solo show during Art13 art fair in London from the 1st until 3rd of March 2013. Circle Culture Gallery will be showing her newest body of work at booth H4 of Olympia Grand Hall, London. Fridriks is currently living and working between Luxembourg and Paris, and for this solo show she prepared different kinds of works that she will be exposing.

The new works include perspective studies of the Stendahl Syndrome, Crayons, and Gene & Ethics series, her signature works that her fans could enjoy during her recent showings. The main characteristic of these works is their duality of perception. They can be experienced by getting very close to the canvases and seeing them in macro perspective, or by stepping back, and seeing them in micro perspective. The 10cm deep canvases are also perceived as three dimensional objects, which adds a more sculptural aspect to them. Fridriks created new works splashing colors on canvas in a way the observer gets the impression to experience Stendahl Syndrome and Gene & Ethics pieces through a magnifying glass. Another interesting study of perspectives and an innovative technical challenge for the Paris based conceptional painter, as the painting process had to be technically supported by an innovative scaffolding system, in order to help her handle the liters of color on large canvases. All works vary in their size and shapes, and different sections of the series will be put in a context to each other, which together builds a very unique installation that is planned for this event.

Very dynamic and full of energy, colorful and rich, Fridriks distinctive works always get a lot of interest by art lovers world wide. And, the fact that she is exclusively premiering a whole new series of works at the Art13 art fair, should make this solo show even more interesting and tempting. These preview shots of her works and installation blueprints should give you a small taste of what Fridriks has been working on the last few months (all images and photos courtesy of Circle Culture Gallery and the artist).

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