Todd James aka REAS will be opening a new solo show with Lazarides Rathbone on Friday, the 1st of May. Fantasy Island will include a vivid body of hyper colored works that he’s been developing and showing lately worldwide.

For this particular exhibition, the forms he is using to explore socio-political affairs are getting more minimal, while the colors are getting brighter and stronger. His favorite themes that include war machinery, the American dream, or Somali pirates, are mixing together, creating a new world that is balancing between obscene and humorous. Depicting news headlines as fashion magazine cover photographs, showing Somali pirates, UN soldiers or naked women as superstars, the artist is both mocking and criticizing the world we live in and its values.

Alongside the main gallery presentation consisting mostly of large-scale paintings, the NY-based artist will be showing the his infamous Vandal’s Bedroom inside a transformed vintage Chevrolet van positioned outside the gallery doors. The Fantasy Island Chevy will play host to the exclusive launch of James’ most recent self-released book, entitled Beyond The Gates.

After opening of the show, Todd James will be heading to Venice to participate in The Bridges Of Graffiti, a collateral event of the 56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia – along with Boris Tellegen, Doze Green, Eron, Futura, Mode2, SKKI, Jayone, Teach and Zero-T.

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