On the 12th of September, Aisho Nanzuka gallery opened Todd Jame’s first solo show in Hong Kong. Afternoon Delight includes 15 new paintings on canvas and several paper pieces, continuing his series of colorful works that parody the images and information from everyday TV and newspapers. Somali pirates shown as fashion models, voluptuous naked blondes as glamurous pinups, or war machines as cartoon-like characters, this is Todd James’ colorful vision of our reality.

Known for his use of “innocent lines and forms along with colorful palate recalling the drawing style of children,” it seems that his style has gotten even flatter in the new works. While painting simpler shapes that are often just silhouettes of the characters or objects they represent, the New York-based artist is actually assembly richer, more complex compositions for this show. With his bright palette and clean, solid shapes, the canvases look like colorful Matisee-like collages, sometimes almost balancing on the verge of abstraction. Along with big acrylics on canvas, for this show, James also created some oil works where he focused on the lines and brush strokes rather than the shapes.

The show will stay on view until 11th October, so make sure you check out the works in person if you’re in the area.

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