Over the last week, JR (interviewed) has been working on his latest high profile project – painting the iconic pyramid at the Louvre. The plan is to paste for the French “photograffeur” to paste a photo over the glass structure mimicking the building behind, leading to it “disappearing” from sight.

He further explains – “I will never forget this day. Today I’m going to make the Louvre Pyramid disappear. It’s quite crazy being Parisian, passing the pyramid so often, then today realising I can make changes to it and stick things on top of it to create my work. I will never forget this. I want to make the Louvre Pyramid disappear because I want people to see themselves alone, just their head and the Louvre. I find it funny seeing people taking selfies all day in front of the pyramid but always with their back to the Louvre. It says a lot about our society where people turn their back on things and focus on themselves. Today, that’s going to change… at least here at the Louvre.”

Photo credit: Humans Of Paris, @1993Paris, @davidg16er, and the artist.
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