Clare Rojas will be featured soon in a solo entitled The Inexhaustible Middle at Alice Gallery in Brussels starting September 15th. Along with presenting her latest works on canvas and paper, Rojas will perform songs in her “folk-bluegrass” style under the pseudonym of singer-songwriter Peggy Honeywell.

With this new body of work, the San Francisco-based artist has been working with patterns while utilizing different compositions and colors. Because she was “letting different visuals reveal themselves, within one work, through variations,” her “main concern was just having the work feel balanced.” Using a limited palette of vibrant colors and strict geometrical shapes, her abstract pieces create tension between the shapes and tones. Basic in form, but meticulously rendered, Rojas’ paintings justify the title of Urban Rustic or even Digital Bohemian, as they are often tagged under. The show will stay on view through October 28th.

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