Mary Boone Gallery in New York will be opening Out Of Sight, a solo by Tomoo Gokita (featured) on the 10th of September. For his second showing with the Chelsea gallery, the Tokyo-based artist painted a new body of work consisting of mostly large canvases.

Staying true to his recognizable visual language, Gokita’s portraits are done exclusively in black & white and countless shades of gray. Inspired by retro films and photographs, they depict a fictional world of gangsters, starlets, movie stars and ordinary people. Using different ways to manipulate paint, the Japanese artist creates different effects in his works – from realistic details, to raw, sketch-like elements, geo patterns and frequent use of smooth gradients. More focused on their accessories and clothes, rather than facial features or expressions, the paintings feel like a distant memory or even a fantasy. The show will be on view through 29th October 2016.

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