Starting on September 24th, the Detroit Institute of Arts will unveil an installation from Swoon (interviewed) entitled Thalassa. The 20-foot tall, 400-pound sculptural piece named after the Greek goddess of the sea – originally displayed in New Orleans (covered) – will be adapted for DIA’s Great Hall. The massive work from the American artist will be suspended from the ceiling and will coincide with a mural project in Detroit’s Jefferson-Chalmers district.

Swoon further adds – “I have a long love of Detroit, having worked in the city at various times over the years with the Allied Media Conference, and the Power House Project in Hamtramck. Detroit and its powerful history have always been an inspiration, not to mention Tyree Guyton’s Heidelberg Project being a long-standing beacon for anyone who is interested in how art can transform community. I’m excited to return.”

Photo credit: Sal Rodriguez (via Library Street Collective).
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