Out With The Old group exhibition opened on Saturday, August 3rd at the Library Street Collective in Detroit, showing new works by some of the most active and currently sought after graffiti, street, urban and contemporary artists such as Jim Houser, AJ Fosik, Augustine Kofie, Alex Lucas, Cleon Peterson, Dabs Myla, Dave Kinsey, Pose, Sam Friedman, Hacer, Revok, Tristan Eaton, Vizie, and many more. Putting together such a comprehensive show was a lot of work for the organizers, but all the effort was worth it in terms of helping to rejuvenate the lapsed city by bringing art to the heart of downtown. With very different styles and imagery used, distinctive techniques and media, this colorful show is great overview of what current artists are producing and working with. The response to the show was very good, and some of the exhibiting artists were in attendance supporting the whole project in the Motor City. The show is on view for a whole two months, so make sure you check it out if you’re in the area.

Photo credit: Sal Rodriguez.
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