From the 28th of September till the 2nd of November, Wunderkammern’s Milan location will be showing a solo from acclaimed hip-hop legend and artist Doze Green. The new works that collectively entitled Limbo explore the artist’s reflections on the concepts of space, time, and immortality.

Known as a versatile creative with strong roots in hip hop culture that developed in the Bronx in the 70s, Doze went from b-boy icon to graffiti legend and is now a celebrated artist that shows his work in galleries worldwide. Always ready to experiment and use different techniques and materials such as acrylics, gesso and ink on canvas, paper and wood, he keeps reinventing his recognizable work. Strongly based on impeccable line work that evolved from the mug of a classic hip-hop character, his style a combination of different influences and inspirations – graffiti writing, Japanese calligraphy, graphics and Cubism. Usually character based, his almost abstract images depict “biological entities,” as the artist calls them, as “endless and variable representations of humanity’s past, present and future.” This particular exhibition “investigates the idea of wait, indefiniteness and transition in relation to human life, from its daily and material actions to our spiritual essence,” and includes mainly monochromatic and bi-chromatic works, created with mixed media on canvas and paper.

Photo credit: Andrea Concina.
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