Adam Neate (interviewed) just released one of his peculiar dimensional paintings as a handmade multiple edition in collaboration with Elm Lesters Painting Rooms. Using variety of techniques and the highest standard of materials, the artist and the gallery managed to produce a striking edition of classic Neate portraits.

This edition sees him stepping away from the series of expressive and abstract portraiture that the Brighton-based artist introduced as his first dimensional work back in 2009. Extensively refining the concept over the years, he produced a whole body of work that plays with different materials, textures, perspective and dimension. From cardboard, to perspex to tin, the work used a myriad of materials, selected for their texture, color, luminescence and special effects, to create a language in their own.

PORTRAIT no.1 utilizes all those elements in Neate’s signature form – portrait. Whenever exploring new mediums the artist starts with a portrait, and this is the first in a new series of multiples that aim to push the boundaries of painting in a different way. The edition is presented as a consumer art in a lidded box, making it similar to luxury oversized books or even high end products such as a Gucci bag or a Rolex watch. Mixing embossed, debossed, flocked, foiled, silk screen and lithograph parts on die-cut board, the artwork comes box framed and measures 48 x 48 x 5.7cm. The uniqueness of this edition available in only 18 examples, comes from the interaction of four 9mm layers whose depth contribute to the multi-dimensional nature of the work. The careful selection of textures, holographic foils, colour changing inks, and areas of embossing and debossing result in the work appearing to change according to viewing position and angle of lighting.

The edition is now available through Elm Lesters Painting Rooms.

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