The eighth edition of the Essential 1800 Artist Series features the artwork of Enoc Perez. This annual series was started by 1800 Tequila as a way to showcase art in a non-traditional medium and has featured the artwork of such luminaries as Basquiat and Haring. This year, Perez highlights individual cities on each bottle, spotlighting them as cultural epicenters through his refined style. The cities and sites he has chosen are: the U.N. Building in NYC, a California shoe store in La Habana (the bottle we have featured in this post), the Alma Bank in Atlanta, the Swiss RE headquarters in London, the Marina Towers in Chicago and the Crystal House in Miami.

This is a easy and affordable (at about $34/bottle) way to include official artwork by a blue chip artist in your home, while at the same time being able to enjoy great tasting tequila with friends.