Stolenspace Ballery in London is currently hosting a double solo show, presenting new works by The Lost Object and Low Bros. The first is an Amsterdam-based artist who is showcasing his latest body of work created with discarded or abandoned materials, while the Berlin-based art brothers putting their newest retro futuristic animal-based compositions on display.

Hyland Mather aka The Lost Object creates works that are sort of a collaboration between him and time & nature itself, hence the title Finder/Builder. He is purposely incorporating the materials’ flaws and history in his work, using these elements to create a desired balance and harmony between the elements. Altering the existing materials with paint, ropes, and different ways of assemblage, his work aims to repurpose the unwanted objects and creating something new, modern, exciting and beautiful.

Through their newest body of work titled Wired, German artists Low Bros explore social and individual identity in the modern, digital age. Leaving their signature 80s iconography and color palette behind, the new paintings focus on cultural identity and metaphysical presence. Using a whole range of symbols to represent the structure of the modern society and the position of an individual, the new pieces are sharper, more graphic, even pattern-like at times. With symmetry and balance as the pillars of their work, their muted color palette characters are interconnected with a grid of copper wires, creating fresh abstract compositions. Through these peculiar concepts, the duo question whether the wired modern society actually makes us more connected or is it all just an alternate reality.

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