Turner Prize-nominated artist David Shrigley is currently showing a small installation with Skip Gallery in London. The small scale bronze sculpture located at Hoxton Square is pretty much the exact opposite of his giant bronze ‘thumbs up’ sculpture that is now gracing the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square (covered).

Skip Gallery is an interesting concept set up by artists Catherine Borowski and Lee Baker as a fresh way of showcasing art in otherwise inaccessible or expensive areas. For their second project, the two collaborated with Shrigley who was delighted with the idea of showing his work in such an unusual setting. Choosing one of the familiar phrases that he used both as a sculpture and in his drawings in the past, the Brighton-based artist is once again commenting on the jet set nature of art while retaining his recognizable humor. Literally spelling the message that most artworks or artists strive for, this simple installation actually has a much bigger and stronger conceptual context.

The installation is open for view until 25th of June at the car parking space opposite 19 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB. Aside from this project, Shrigley recently released a campaign named “Keep Britain Kind”, initiated by human rights organisation Liberty, and is currently working on a series of news posters that area riff on small town local paper headlines.

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