On June 24th, Nucleus Portland opened a solo show by Maxwell McMaster titled Cherish the Day. On view through July 20th, the uplifting show is primarily inspired by those precious moments that remind us that life is beautiful and how each day is a gift.
With so much negativity in the world around us and depressing news in the media, the LA-based multidisciplinary artist/designer took another approach to reflect on the events that surround him. Highlighting the pleasurable experiences, both from the past as well as possible future, McMaster created a coherent body of work that depicts those “good times” in life. Aiming to capture the feeling of a moment rather than a literal image, his dreamy visual language perfectly fits the subject matter. Lush green hills, palm trees, planes in mid air, beautiful sunsets or exotic horizons, all evoke those relaxing moments we all enjoy and cherish. Portrayed with limited color palette and clean shapes filled with soft and smooth gradients, these acrylics continue his efforts to allow the concepts and themes to dictate the aesthetic he is using.