After recently sharing murals from the Forest For The Trees event with you (here & here), we now bring you one of the final walls being painted this year for the nonprofit public art project. The stunning new piece rendered in the South Africa-based artist’s signature aesthetic is entitled Persistent Parabola and features a wave playing with a cargo ship and falling crates. Dal states his primary influence for this wall as an old Chinese proverb – “water can carry a boat, it can also turn it upside down.”

He further explains “I imagine my life journey is like the cargo ship carrying all the crates on the ocean, as well as the plans, wishes, relationships and the things that I’ve attached with as being important. By thinking of the capacity and the impermanent face of the ocean, I feel I am the most insignificant in the entire world. It brings me more appreciation towards what I have right now. I guess that’s where the idea comes from behind this work.”

Photo credit: The artist & Anthony Taylor (process shots).
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