Over the last couple of weeks, organisers and curators Gage Hamiliton and Matt Wagner (of Hellion Gallery) have assembled 15 international artists to participate in Forest For The Trees. The mural project in Portland, Oregon saw Blaine Fontana (work pictured above), Erik Otto, Kamea Hadar, Gage Hamiliton, J. Shea, Marcelo Macedo, MADSTEEZ, Michael Salter, MHAK, MEGGS, Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter, Sam Rodriguez, Rone, Taka Sudo, Yoskay Yamamoto, Zach Yarrington and Jun Inoue all participate in the city-wide project to bring art to previously bare walls.

Although it has one of most vibrant artist communities in the United States, Portland doesn’t have a huge street art and mural scene, so this collaborative community project is bound to be noticed by both locals and visitors alike. Check out some pictures of some of the finished walls plus some shots of the artists in action courtesy of Matt below, and if you want to delve deeper, then check out the day by day dairy style pictures over one Hellion’s Blog.