The Tall Trees of Tokyo landed in AM’s mailbox a few weeks ago, and after taking time to have a thorough read through, we have to take our hats off to author Matt Wagner and publisher Overcup Press. This beautifully presented book offers an insight into the artists that Wagner has discovered whilst on his many trips to Tokyo over the last 13 years. Wagner has curated exhibitions in Japan whilst immersing himself in the culture and he is also known for being the owner of Hellion Gallery in Portland, OR.

The story behind the title carries a particularly interesting sentiment: A Japanese proverb states that the tall tree catches much wind, hence this forest of a survey of Wagner’s tall trees: Ai Ohkawara, Aki Miyajima, Carton, Daisuke Ishizaka, Dubrai, Eimi, Hikari Shimoda, Hogusa Amamiya, imaone, Joji Shimamoto, Jonjon Green, JUN, MADBUNNY, MHAK, Michinori Maru, Naoshi, Nigamushi, Norman Tsuji, originalstyle, Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter, Rei, Ryuichi Ogino, SAL, satoru arai, Sayuka Bloodstone, SENEKT, SHOHEI, ShojonoTomo, Soichiro Fukuda, trip, Tomoya Yoshioka, and Yohei Takahashi.

The book is available here.