From this Saturday, July 8th until July 29th, Thinkspace Gallery will be hosting a triple solo show exhibition that will include Drew Leshko’s The Only Constant, Joseph Martinez’ Baggage and Nosego’s Ingress. All 3 shows include all new body of works produced especially for this occasion, produced using various mediums and focusing on diverse subjects that occupy each artist.

Philadelphia-based artist and muralist, Nosego, otherwise known as Yis Goodwin, will be introducing a new character-driven paintings featuring creature hybrids assembled from animals, cartoons, landscapes, and even architecture. Executed in acrylic with both aerosol and brush painting techniques, his imagery is brought to life through intense and contrasting styles and palettes which result in a playful surrealist visual language.

Another Philadelphia-based artist, Drew Leshko, will present a new series of highly detailed sculptural works in paper and wood. These meticulously produced works depict architecture and urban spaces to scale at a 1:12 ratio, combining a documentary impulse with a nostalgic desire to immortalize the overlooked and the forgotten recesses of the cityscape.

Finally, Denver-based Joseph Martinez (seen above) will be showing eight new miniature works painted on designer shopping bags. These photorealistic oil portraits of homeless and poor people on objects that symbolize wealth are subtle critiques of the society we live in and the huge class difference within.

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