Currently in Hong Kong, Mark Ryden (interviewed) has a striking new sculptural piece on view in the foyer of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Entitled Dodecahedron–Quintessence 132, the twelve-faced piece features symbolic imagery on each side including the all-seeing eye that the Lowbrow artist is known for. Ryden further explains – “Quintessence 132 is a sculptural piece that continues my interest in the Dodecahedron. I have been numbering my paintings and sculptures since my first major solo exhibition in 1998. This is number 132. On this piece, I have included an array of icons, figures, and symbols on each of the pentagonal panels that form the solid. These symbols are dominated by the all seeing eye, the gateway to the soul. The eye is a motif which reoccurs in my work. In Whipped Cream, the ballet spectacle, for which I recently designed sets and costumes, this eye again appears, presiding from a central spot above the show.” Check his instagram for a more in-depth look side the piece.

Coinciding with the display of this new sculptural piece, the aforementioned Whipped Cream (covered), a collaboration between the American artist and the American Ballet Theater will premiere (March 22-25) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre during the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2018. The sculpture will then travel to PMQ from March 26 – April 4 during Art Basel Hong Kong where Ryden’s paintings can be seen in the Kabinett section with Paul Kasmin Gallery along with a small scale version of the dodecahedron (available as an edition of 6 + 3 AP).

Photo credit: @goforjona and the HK Arts Festival.
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