On May 19th, KP Projects in Los Angeles will be hosting their annual solo show with Greg “Craola” Simkins (featured), his seventh with the gallery. Entitled The Escape Artist, the new body of work references the locally-based artist’s immersion into the surreal world he has created with his paintbrush, a way to get away to a place where anything is possible.

He further explains – “I have been taking refuge in my memories lately. Memories of the first time I saw a whale in the wild, seeing a meteor shower, and of all the daydreams that kept my wandering mind entertained as a child. Memories like these have become part of my subconscious and reinvigorate me each time I sit down to sketch out an idea for a painting. These memories are a lifeline inviting me to climb down a portal into another world, where I get to escape daily by just picking up a brush. I truly do experience this escape each time I paint. It has become a therapy that reminds me that imaginations are real, and sharing my creativity visually is a healthy way of expressing that gift. I feel the most comfortable when I get lost in a piece, always leaving room for spontaneous ideas to pop into place as the story unfolds. I am ‘The Escape Artist’ in this instance, and my new collection of works take you on a journey through the rabbit holes I venture down as I draw and paint. What better escape could there be, than to hop on the back of a bird and fly off into other worlds?”

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