After a successful debut in 2016, Art Safiental 2018 is underway – a biennale that sees artists create installations and projects throughout the Safien Valley in Switzerland. On view through October 17th, the artwork “questions, explores and revises the historical term Land Art” based on this year’s theme (HORIZONTAL – VERTICAL). Accompanied by a hiking map, a visit by adventurous art lovers promises stunning views and an experience like no other that will bring to mind a dialogue with landscape and nature.

This year’s curator (Johannes M. Hedinger) further explains – “while the canonical positions from the american west often deal with the horizontal, representatives of the alpine countries have almost no other choice geographically than to  deal with the vertical. in this field of tension between mountain and plain, most of the works of this year’s  show are re-positioning and reinventing the landscape”

Participants this year include: Lita Albuquerque (USA), Ueli Alder (CH), Paul Barsch & Tilman Hornig (D), Bildstein | Glatz (A/CH), Mirja Busch (D), Com&Com (CH), DIG Collective (UK), H.R. Fricker (CH), Gabriela Gerber & Lukas Bardill (CH), Bob Gramsma (CH/NL), Ingeborg Lüschere (CH), Marianne Halter & Mario Marchisella (CH), Steve Rowell (USA), Analia Saban (ARG/USA), Roman Signer (CH).

Seen here are Albuquerque’s sleeping sculpture, Gramsma’s concrete shell in a lake, Com&Com’s mountain pulpit, Bildstein | Glatz’s ramp, Saban’s rock painting, Lüscher’s circle of yellow sulphur, Gerber/Bardill’s tunnel video installation, and DIG Collective’s hole.

Photo credit: Thomas Rickenmann and Ueli Alder.
Via Designboom.