The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or more popularly referred to as Coachella, is known primarily for its music (and for some, the fashion choices of its guests). Festival-goers discuss and pore over the list of bands, DJs, singers, and other stage acts in determining how good Coachella will or will not be. However, almost as important in the actual experience of the Coachella weekend is the larger than life visual art and installations.

This year’s new and returning featured artists include Sofia Enriquez (paisley sculptures), architect Francis Kéré (colorful cone-shaped towers), creative studio Poetic Kinetics (the omnipresent roving and interactive giant astronaut), architecture studio Office Kovacs (Colossal Cacti), design studio NEWSUBSTANCE (iconic seven story spiral pavilion), artist Peggy Noland (Foiled Plan mixed-media installation), and artist duo Dedo Vabo (H.i.P.O. rocket and laboratory). Coachella’s art and installations may not be as well studied, scrutinized, and analyzed as much as its music, but try determining a meeting spot for your crew and more often than not, you would direct everyone in the group text to a specific artwork that caught your attention. Think back to your best memories during the festival and you will probably picture yourself walking around inside NEWSUBSTANCE’s pavilion or randomly walking by Poetic Kinetic’s trippy astronaut. Coachella’s omnipresent and recognizable artist installations may not be its main draw, but it certainly enhances your enjoyment of the festival and provides the perfect spot to take your most unforgettable snaps.

See the artist installations below, photographed by Lance Gerber