Tomorrow night (June 1st) in Los Angeles, Thinkspace will be opening a special exhibition from two street artists known to work on the miniature scale. Entitled Trash Talk, the joint exhibition will feature work from both Beligum’s Jaune and UK-based Slinkachu. Known for his clever sculptural interventions with his subjects interacting with everyday objects from a different “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” perspective, Slinkachu has made the transition to indoor work easily by presenting his work as tiny dioramas. His work often has dark undertones so this contrasts nicely with the humorous and more lightheaded situations Jaune’s florescent uniform clad city workers are placed in. One of the coolest aspects of the showing will be collaborative works between the two artists (a few seen here on the first page of our preview) as well as a planned site-specific installation.

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