Amsterdam’s Andenken Gallery recently teamed up with The Jaunt art residency/travel platform and organized a new project on the Portuguese Silver Coast. Inviting in the gallery’s long-time friend and artist, Scott Albrecht, as the inaugural visitor and resident, they will be presenting a new solo show from him at the gallery’s newest space, The Holdout, in Alcobaça, Portugal, starting Saturday, May 4th.

Although best known for his cut, painted, and assembled wood pieces, the NY-based artist also works in a variety of other mediums including steel, collage, pen and ink on paper, panel, sculptures, and murals. Basing his work on typography and using those elements to create abstract assemblages, each work is actually informed by letters and characters from an underlying message within the piece. During his stay at The Holdout, Albrecht created a series of new works on paper, on stone, as well as wire and nail pieces fully inspired and influenced by the location he was working at.

The Holdout is a hybrid exhibition space, visiting artist studio, and private residence founded by Hyland Mather and Amanda Marie in April 2018. The Jaunt is an ongoing art project that sends an emerging or established artist to a place they’ve never been to do some travel blogging and get inspired by a fresh location.