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Previews: Scott Albrecht – “Where The Edges Meet” @ The Holdout

Amsterdam’s Andenken Gallery recently teamed up with The Jaunt art residency/travel platform and organized a new project on the Portuguese Silver Coast. Inviting in the gallery’s long-time friend and artist, Scott Albrecht, as the inaugural visitor and resident, they will be presenting a new solo show from him at the gallery’s newest space, The Holdout, in Alcobaça, Portugal, starting Saturday, May 4th. Although best known for his cut, painted, and assembled wood pieces, the NY-based artist also works in a variety of other mediums including steel, collage, […]

Showing: Laura Berger – “The Sun Is Between Us” @ Andenken gallery

Andeken Gallery in Amsterdam is currently hosting the European debut solo exhibition from Laura Berger titled The Sun Is Between Us. For this showcase, the Chicago-based artist created a series of new acrylics on cradled wood panels along with ceramic sculptures from her Lapis Sculptura series. Using the female figure as the focus subject in her work, Berger creates simple flat imagery using a limited color palette of clay-like hues. Through simple shapes depicted with thin outlines, she constructs elegant figures that are interacting with each other and […]

Interviews: Mary Iverson

On  Saturday November 11th, Amsterdam’s Andenken gallery will be hosting a double solo show by American Artists, Scott Albrecht and Mary Iverson (featured) at their new location in an old anatomy building in Oosterpark in Amsterdam. Our friend, artist, and gallery owner, Hyland Mather, got to chat with Iverson about the upcoming show and the background of the new body of work specifically created for this showcase: Hyland Mather: Mary, the new work for ‘Correspondence’ contains some wonderful pieces where the source material is photos from the Netherlands. You’re […]

Previews: Jaime Molina & Adrian Landon Brooks @ Andenken gallery

Amsterdam’s Andenken Gallery is making final preparations for TWO solo shows opening on June 11th – Jaime Molina will be presenting a new body of work titled Desolation Slang, and Adrian Landon Brooks will introduce Miracle Worker. These will be Dutch debut solos for two American artists. Though working in different mediums and creating different forms of art, both artists use found materials and a neofolk aesthetic in their gallery and illustrative work. The Colorado-based Molina is known for his sculptures made from reclaimed wood and salvaged nails which he often uses as […]

Interviews / Setup: Jim Houser – “HUSH” @ Andenken / Battalion Gallery

Jim Houser is currently setting up his upcoming show (previewed) entitled HUSH with Andenken / Battalion Gallery, the American artist’s first solo in Amsterdam. The gallery owner, artist and friend of AM, Hyland Mather aka X-O, used this opportunity to do a little Q&A session with Houser on our behalf. What was planned as an interview, turned into a deep and informative conversation between the two creatives, covering all kinds of subjects from skateboarding, music, traveling, family, rising kids, and last but not least, art. Hyland Mather (HM): Hey Jim, […]

Preview: AIKO – “Unstoppable Waves” @ Andenken Gallery

Andenken Gallery, now located in Amsterdam, last exhibited AIKO’s work when she was a member of Faile and the space was located in Denver.  Six years later, the gallery is now across the world in Amsterdam and AIKO is one of the most successful female artists in the street art genre.  Opening on July 9, This will be AIKO’s first ever European solo show and will feature new signature stenciled paintings by the artist. See more preview images after jump…

Openings: Jeremy Fish – “The Road Less Traveled Tour” @ Andenken

Jeremy Fish (featured) closed out the first leg of his “Road Less Traveled” tour (previewed) last weekend at Denver’s Andenken Gallery. Opening to a packed house, Jeremy held court at the Queen City of the Plains, providing residents with a new mural and dozen of prints and new originals. The concept of the tour, to be able to provide fans and galleries that are somewhat off the beaten path with small yet fresh shows, seems to be off to a great start. Expect the tour […]

Preview: Jeremy Fish – “The Road Less Traveled” @ Andenken Gallery

Arriving in the nick of time from Austin, Jeremy Fish (featured) beat the current Colorado snowstorm and is, as we speak, preparing for the opening of his second stop on the “Road Less Traveled” tour.  Luckily for AM readers, Andenken‘s owner and gallery director, Tom Horne, sent us some exclusive photos of Mr. Fish as he’s working around the clock to get the show up and ready for his Mile High friends. “The Road Less Traveled” opens tonight, March 20th in Denver. Check out some […]

Teaser: Jeremy Fish – “The Road Less Traveled” @ Andenken Gallery

Following Jeremy Fish’s inaugural stop on his “The Road Less Traveled” Tour at OK Mountain Gallery in Austin and subsequent print release (covered), the man behind Superfishal and Silly Pink Bunnies has landed in Denver for his upcoming show at Andenken Gallery. Featuring a healthy mix of around thirty to forty original paintings and prints, “The Road Less Traveled” continues on this Saturday, March 20th before heading out to Germany in May and the Pacific Northwest in July. Stay tuned for more! Discuss Jeremy Fish […]

Openings: The Date Farmers – “Rope Gold Chain” @ Andenken Gallery

AM recently featured the insane “A Volta” music video collaboration between N.A.S.A. and The Date Farmers and last weekend, the Cochella-based Date Farmers made a trip out to Andenken Gallery in Colorado for their solo “Rope Gold Chain,” bringing their unique blend of acrylic and mixed-media objects on found materials with them. Their unconventional canvases serve as the perfect medium for the raw and uncut style of this duo and echos their message of finding beauty in the most unexpected places. See the photos from the […]