Andeken Gallery in Amsterdam is currently hosting the European debut solo exhibition from Laura Berger titled The Sun Is Between Us. For this showcase, the Chicago-based artist created a series of new acrylics on cradled wood panels along with ceramic sculptures from her Lapis Sculptura series.

Using the female figure as the focus subject in her work, Berger creates simple flat imagery using a limited color palette of clay-like hues. Through simple shapes depicted with thin outlines, she constructs elegant figures that are interacting with each other and their environment or creating some sort of pattern with their bodies. Loosely approaching depiction, her visual language results in a collage-like aesthetic that extends from her subject matter onto their idyllic landscape surroundings. Minimizing the desired image to only a few colors and series of seemingly abstract shapes, she creates complex images in which she plays with depth and perspective.

Along with these captivating pieces on wood panels, Berger is introducing a series of hand-built, hand-painted, and speckled stoneware sculptures that complement her paintings. Slightly different in their appearance, these upward facing pieces are somewhat of a 3D extension of her flat wall pieces and are focused on experimenting with posture. The show opened on June 23rd and will stay on view until Sunday, July 8th.

Photo credit: @SashaBogojev.