Jan Kalab (interviewedis continuing to present his unique works around the world. After events in Miami, Prague and Berlin, he is currently in Colombia where he will be opening Pulso Cromático at Fabien Castanier Gallery in Bogota, on March 17th.

For this show, he prepared a new body of work introducing his continuing experiments with geo shapes – mainly circles. Playing with one of the most basic and perfect shapes, he is using it as a focal element of his abstract paintings, applying it as the format of his custom shaped pieces and even deconstructing the classic canvas frames with it. In his work, the Czech artist creates tension by adding subtle anomalies to the shapes or plays with their center, as well as by clashing the materials and formats used. In combination with solid vivid colors, the pieces are form a sense of depth, that is both abstract and actual. The 16 new works that will be on view until April 9th include acrylics on square canvas, acrylics on custom round canvases and cut out canvas pieces.

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