As we previously reported, BC Gallery in Berlin is currently hosting a solo by Jan Kalab (interviewed) which features a new series of round canvases and a large sculptural piece. Here is the followup with photos from the exhibition entitled Tension, which will stay on view until the 23rd of January.

With a title referencing the structure of the works presented, the show includes works from the Czech artist’s most successful series. These minimalist pieces that experiment with the border line between geometrically perfect and organically unpredictable have been getting a lot of attention lately. Large in size and painted with bright colors, these vortex-like paintings simply captivates viewers’ attention by providing a sense of optical illusion. Through this exhibition, Kalab is further experimenting with this simple yet effective concept, trying out new irregularities and twisting the common perception of a perfect circle. Both the canvases and large levitating sculpture are the results of his minimization of his graffiti influences and playing with abstraction.

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