Tonight (August 7th) in Seattle, Roq La Rue will be celebrating their 21st anniversary with a group show entitled Ace Of Spades, Queen of Diamonds. It’s hard to believe it’s really been that many years for one of the rare galleries that have made it past two decades showing a genre of art that we love – so congrats to them. Participating artists Peter Ferguson, Travis Louie, Marion Peck, John Brophy, Lola Gil, Chris Berens, Jean Labourdette, Isabel Samaras, Casey Weldon, Camille Rose Garcia, D. Allan Drummond, Debra Baxter, Brian Despain, Electric Coffin, and Glenn Barr (seen above).

Marion Peck

Lola Gil

Brian Despain

Peter Ferguson

Camille Rose Garcia

Travis Louie

Chris Berens

Casey Weldon