Following their showcase at Moniker Art Fair during London’s Frieze week, British artist duo SNIK will be presenting a solo exhibition entitled Ephemeral at The Crypt Gallery from 17- 20 October 2019. As with their first solo exhibition, the show will present and push forward their signature work done exclusively with original hand-cut stencils.

Active for over a decade, Laura Perrett and Nicholas Ellis are well known in the world of Street Art for creating large scale outdoor murals, as well as paintings on canvas, sculptures, and limited print editions. Inspired by Pre–Raphaelite ideals concerning nature, color and movement, the exhibition examines the processes of beauty, creation and decay – while considering the inevitability of aging and its potential for artistic renewal. Through an immersive install that evokes a decaying environment, SNIK will be presenting three bodies work – vibrant multi-layer portraits executed through richly textured stencils, muted single-layer figurative works on rusted and beaten panels of metal as well as bronze sculptures, and finally, lightbox stencil projections.

‘In our daily lives, we chose to avoid closely considering things that are decaying or fading, affiliating it with death and loss. Here we show the process as a whole and ask the audience to acknowledge the beauty in all stages. We hope if the viewer can learn to focus on and enjoy the process of life-changing, and the slow decay of each artwork, they will discover new beauty and depths – thus giving it prolonged meaning, life, and memory.’ – SNIK

Photo/video credit by @FifthWallTV