Our friend Lucy Sparrow is at it again. This time, she returns to NYC in a takeover of the iconic Rockefeller Center entitled Delicatessen on 6th. With the help of Art Production Fund, the UK-based artist has unveiled another chapter in her amazing market installation series (here & here) featuring a 100% hand crafted replica of a New York City delicatessen featuring a cornucopia of gourmet gems you would normally be tempted to eat while exploring the Big Apple’s endless food offerings. From macarons & cakes to the fresh seafood & produce coming out of the the local markets, not a detail was spared as Sparrow’s hypnotic seam-magic gives attendees a chance to submerge themselves in the heart of Manhattan’s shopping district while exploring the immersive environment created out of hand-manufactured magic that we’ve come to expect from her. The show is up until the 20th of the month so make sure to stop by and pick up a thing or two if you’re lucky enough to be in New York.