Back in November, Void Projects organized their second Homeless art residency and group exhibition at artist Axel Void’s home in Miami. Roughly 15 artists from around the world were invited to stay in the house over a period of two weeks to eat, sleep, and create together. The idea of this year’s residency was to explore the concept of “home” from a political, social or personal viewpoint, based on cultural heritage, identity or patriotism. The results of that experimentation transformed this residential home into a very special kind of exhibition.

Among the participating artists was the London based film-maker Doug Gillen from FifthWallTV who captured the days leading to the exhibition opening, providing us an intimate insight into the life and thoughts behind the works created through a short video Homeless:

The full list of participating artists includes Axel Void, Aruallan, Ashley Lindo, Helen Burr, Davide Olivera, Elisa Capdevila, Doug Gillen, Faith47, Bryan Beyung, Jofre Oliveras, Reginald O’Neal, Nubian, Pablo Merchante, Ryzko, Stefan Krische, That Lazy Edwin, and Zane Prater.