On April 21st (10 AM Japan Time), James Jean (interviewed) will be releasing a stunning new print through Adachi Hanga with proceeds going towards the institute’s mission of preserving of the traditional art of Japanese woodcut printing techniques by training young artisans and holding workshops. Entitled The Editor – Cutaway and priced at 100,000 yen (framed) and 80,000 yen (unframed), the edition (limited to 100) is the fourth collaboration between the American artist and Adachi Hanga and is the result of a detail intensive process utilizing 8 hand carved wood blocks and 38 separate passes to complete the image. Head over here at the appropriate time if you are interested in adding it to your collection.

Jean further explains – “The Editor prunes away superfluous parts to leave what is essential. ‘Cutaway,’ the subtitle added to this work, shows the commonality between the work and the technique used in woodcut prints of cutting away unneeded parts from the woodblock and leaving only the essential lines. The Editor prunes the branches emerging from the planter on her lap. The eyes at the ends of the branches are eyes that see the truth — a reference to a painting of Saint Lucy by Francesco Del Cossa. Within the planter are touchstones that can be used to test for gold. This is a portrait of the Editor who distinguishes what is absolutely essential in order to move closer to the truth.”

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