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Openings: Mia – “Riddles in the Dark” @ Corey Helford Gallery

AM had the chance to attend Mia’s “Riddles in the Dark” opening (previewed) at Corey Helford Gallery. Seeing that the show has only just recently been taken down, we thought it would be nice to take a look back. Mia’s latest body of work continued to impress and had noticeably evolved since the last time we saw her work. Check out all the photos of the opening after the jump.

Openings: An Afternoon With Greg Simkins @ G1988LA

AM dropped by Gallery 1988 LA this past Saturday and met up with our friend Greg “Craola” Simkins. Greg spent the afternoon treating everyone to live painting (previewed). Seeing Greg paint live is a rare occurrence and was truly a special treat. In addition, two different laser-engraved skate decks released along with a new print “Here Stands Matt Riddle.” Only one skate deck design was announced for this event, but a suprise second “black” design skate deck (limited to 15) was offered on Saturday as […]

Openings: Joe Ledbetter – “Death & Taxes” and Nathan Spoor – “The Glass Menagerie” @ Copro Gallery

AM dropped by Copro Gallery this past Saturday night to be at the openings of our friends Joe Ledbetter (above) and Nathan Spoor (below).  Ledbetter’s “Death & Taxes” show opening drew an impressive crowd. In addition to displaying a wonderful new set of paintings, Joe unveiled his new book “Creatures of Habit.” As an added bonus, Joe also offered his fans many of his older art prints and vinyl figures. This was no secret however, as fans lined up outside of the gallery as early […]

Openings: “Quiet Storm” @ G1988 LA

“Quiet Storm” opened this past Tuesday in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988. The four person show features new work from Krista Huot (Interviewed), Scott Campbell, ghost patrol and Roland Tamayo. AM was able to meet up with Roland, Krista and Scott at Tuesday night’s opening. Check out pictures of the opening after the jump.

Release Party: Yoskay Yamamoto’s Koibito – LeBasse Projects Colorway

Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) Koibito release party (announced) took place this past Wednesday at LeBasse Projects. AM arrived at the gallery at 6pm and even though the release party wasn’t scheduled to start until 7pm, there were already about 40 fans waiting outside. In fact, some fans started waiting in line as early as 9am. Once inside the gallery, fans could purchase the white/silver koibito, red/white koibito, postcard sets, “Screaming for the Sunrise” giclee prints and show catalogs. This night also marked the closing of Yoskay’s […]

Signing: Brendan Monroe @ Richard Heller Gallery

Brendan Monroe (interviewed) was in Santa Monica this past Saturday, May 23rd, for a book signing at Richard Heller Gallery. Recently, we had the opportunity see Brendan in the Bay Area at Park Life and also to check out his studio. It was nice to see him in Southern California meeting with fans and taking time to draw in their sketchbooks. Take a look at the pics after the jump.

Preview/Interviews: Krista Huot – “Quiet Storm” @ G1988 (LA)

Krista Huot will be showing her newest work in “Quiet Storm,” a group show that will also feature the work of Scott Campbell, ghostpatrol and Roland Tamayo. You can catch the opening of “Quiet Storm” at Gallery 1988: Los Angeles, on Tuesday, May 26th, from 7-10 PM. The last time we saw new work from Krista was back in March when she was part of Gallery 1988: San Francisco’s group show “Sweet Surrender“. Since then, we’ve kept in touch with Krista and are happy to […]

Openings: Brandi Milne – “Run Rabbit, Run” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Brandi Milne’s “Run Rabbit, Run” (previewed) opened this past Friday, April 10th at Thinkspace Gallery. There was a very unique, fun-filled vibe to this show. Those who attended the exhibition opening were treated to a wonderful new series of work and the chance to participate in Brandi’s “Easter Egg Hunt”. Throughout most of the night, plastic easter egg hunt eggs were placed in random places inside and outside of Thinkspace gallery. More photos after the jump…

Openings: Sylvia Ji – “Haute Epoch” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Sylvia Ji (interviewed) presented her latest exhibition, “Haute Epoch”, at Corey Helford Gallery, last Saturday, April 11th. It has been about a year since we last saw Sylvia at Corey Helford Gallery and the great anticipation for her show was clear Saturday night. The gallery was at full capacity throughout the night and the line waiting to enter the gallery stretched to the end of the block. This wait was definitely not in vain, as Sylvia treated everyone to an amazing exhibition. Take a look […]

Preview: Tessar Lo – “Future Perfect” & Eric Fortune – “Lost in Light” @ LeBasse Projects

Tessar Lo will be presenting his first solo exhibition, “Future Perfect”, this Saturday, April 11th from 7-10PM at LeBasse Projects. Expect this new series of paintings to be his largest and most powerful yet. Eric Fortune will be exhibiting with his own solo conjunction with Tessar. Fortune’s new series of paintings will be presented in the LeBasse project room and is his largest body of work to date. Lo and Fortune are two very impressive emerging artists of today and we highly recommend attending the […]