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Openings: Tran Nguyen – “A Place Procured From Our Yesteryears” & Jason Wheatley – “Osmosis” @ Roq la Rue

Opening earlier this month, Tran Nguyen’s A Place Procured From Our Yesteryears depicts larger than life women amongst Parisian architecture. The muted tones set the mood while emotion spills from their eyes, suggesting they don’t feel as large as they appear. The diverse use of color in Jason Wheatley’s new works titled Osmosis, leap off the canvas, despite the mostly still-life subject matter. Each piece features some everyday items we might find in our kitchen, with the inclusion of wild life. Appearing in almost every piece, is the […]

Openings: “Otherworld” Group Show @ Roq la Rue

Roq la Rue recently employed the help of many amazing artists to fill the walls for their Otherworld group show. The title of the show was also the theme, with the artists interpreting “otherworld” however they saw fit. With a roster this good, one month just wouldn’t be enough, so the show will be on display until July 27th. Check out more photos of the work from artists Martin Wittfooth (above left), Chris Berens, John Brophy, Peter Ferguson, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Casey Curran, Madeline Von Foerster (above […]

Openings: Stacey Rozich – “Within Without Me” @ Roq la Rue

With rising notoriety, local artist Stacey Kozich’s Within Without Me exhibition kicked off the Roq la Rue Gallery’s new Pioneer Square location with a jam packed crowd. Rozich’s bright color palette drew in patrons as they made their way through the neighborhood’s monthly artwalk. The gallery was quickly filled as they explored the inner workings of the exhibition. From afar, the masked characters seem peaceful enough, but when you get in close, the pieces convey a much darker sentiment. While some creatures exhibit exuberance, others […]

Openings: Travis Louie – “Monsters On Their Day Off” @ Roq La Rue

Travis Louie’s (interviewed) newest solo exhibition titled Monsters On Their Day Off opened April 9th at the Roq la Rue Gallery. Referencing century old photographs, Louie brings his impossibly rendered style to the Seattle gallery, depicting monsters in their down time, when they’re not playing monster.  The acrylics are so exquisitely rendered that the images appear soft and delicate, just as a photograph might appear had it been taken in the late 19th century. Patrons were leaning in close all night to decipher just how Travis can […]