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Releases / Giveaway: VNA Issue 11

Pretty much every show or event we attend, we bump into a group of regulars out showing their support. The VNA crew are no exception to this. We just recently picked up a copy of the brand new edition of VNA – Issue 11 – which features Insa, Case, Gaia and Mike Giant amongst others. This issue builds upon VNA’s already amazing collection of current street art, graffiti, paste up’s and sticker action, but this time adds more features and interviews. Issue 11 definitely deserves […]

Giveaway: Charlie Immer Hand Embellished Editions from Virtu Art Gallery

Remember we ran a giveaway recently for one of these great hand finished Brandi Milne editions? Our friend Tom at Virtu Art Gallery, the publisher of the print, has again generously donated a rather special giveaway item for AM’s readers. Charlie Immer’s work is stunningly detailed & we love his metaphysical surrealist paintings and his bold use of colour. Virtu has just published two great fine art editions from the artist. Here’s the skinny on the giveaway: “Immer’s Inner World Contest” Just leave a comment here […]

Giveaway: “Beyond the Street: The 100 Most Important Figures in Urban Art”

We brought you some news last week of the impending book release and launch parties in London and New York that publisher Gestalten is planning for “Beyond the Street: The 100 Most Important Figures in Urban Art”, and now some further details have been released regarding the London launch party co-hosted by Gestalten and Simon de Pury. The May 7th event runs from 6pm until 9pm at Philips de Pury, Howick Place, London SW1 1BB. The reception is open to all, but see the flyer […]

Results: Off The Roll Contest

Remember the “Off The Roll Contest” we told you about a while back? The winners have now been announced with Elizabeth K from Spring Valley, WI taking the grand prize of $5000. Did they make the right choice?  Take a look at the rest of of the entries and winners. The contest was sponsored by 3M and judged by the street tape art specialist, Mark Jenkins. Speaking of which, Jenkins has a show opening tonight, April 10th, in collaboration with Tim Conlon at The Fridge […]

“Small Victories” Photo Project

Booooooom! is running a contest where readers can submit 4″ x 6″ photos about “the quietly beautiful, unintentionally funny, people and things all around us.” This will culminate in a show in May in Hong Kong with our friends at the Above Second Gallery. Full details on submissions here.

Preview: Chet Zar – “Endarkenment” @ Last Rites Gallery

Chet Zar – the last time we saw his frightening work was in LA (covered), but now New Yorkers have a chance to see his work first hand. Gifted with the ability to paint nightmarish bogeymen and scary visuals, Chet is also one of the nicest artists around. Experience this seeming contradiction yourself on April 10th as Chet opens up a new solo show “Endarkenment” at the Last Rites Gallery. Take a look at more preview images from the dark side and some custom frames […]

Preview: Chris Peters @ Last Rites Gallery

Los Angeles based artist Chris Peters has a show opening this Saturday, March 6th at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. Peters’ paintings are full of symbolism, somber atmosphere, and strangely enough they elicit an emotional response from viewers even though his main characters are devoid of flesh and skin, but maybe that’s the point. Besides providing the nice preview images after the jump, Chris has also kindly agreed to mail a signed showcard to the first reader who can leave a comment telling us how […]

Ana Bagayan: Fan Appreciation Day Giveaway

It’s always heartwarming for us to see artists acknowledging supporters of their work, but Ana Bagayan is going one further this week with a “Fan Appreciation Day” she is staging. Visitors to her blog may already be aware of some of the details, but check out the drawing above entitled “Little Miss Muffet” that Ana will be gifting to one of her lucky supporters this Thursday 4th March. Prints and t-shirts will also be on the gift list so make sure you check out Adventures […]

Sketchbook: Josh Keyes – “Fragment”

Following up on a great opening at JLG, Josh Keyes posted up some additional photos of his creative process for the creation of his newest body of work “Fragment” – (covered). The images allow us to gain some access into the meticulous thought process Josh goes through before ever laying a brush on canvas. It’s incredibly insightful to see the all the notes and sketches that lead to the creation of many of the pieces that we saw at the show. We also note some of the […]

Contests: Femke Hiemstra Giveaway

For those who missed the sold out show from Femke Hiemstra at Roq La Rue (RLR) last month, we have a special giveaway for you. Kirsten from RLR has put together a delightful little package to gift to one of our lucky readers. This includes a copy of Hiemstra’s “Rock Candy” book, a signed show card, and a VERY RARE limited edition giclee print of “Der Huter” (The actual edition was 10, but this is AP that was limited to 5, signed and numbered by […]