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Baby Tattooville ’10 – Art Jam

Baby Tattooville’s Art Jam is the artist activity that has received the most attention at each BT weekend. This is not without great reason as this annual fixture involves every individual artist at BT. During Art Jam, all of the featured and returning artists are welcomed to join together in creating a once-in-a-lifetime collaborative piece. This historic painting is started on opening day and is jointly worked on until the following night. BT guests are free to witness every moment of the piece’s completion. A […]

Baby Tattooville ’10: Print Shop Presented by Diesel Fuel Prints

If you collect prints, you’re probably used to pressing a few buttons on your favorite artist’s website and having art show up at your door a few days later in a (hopefully uncrushed) tube.  But do you have any idea how your prints are made or how much effort was put into each piece?  Well, attendees of Baby Tattooville this year now do. At the Secret Society gathering, guests were treated to a special screenprinting demonstration by Andy from Diesel Fuel Prints and had the […]

Creative Process: Brandi Milne – “Breathe in Peaceful Slumber”

Brandi Milne, who recently held her solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery, posted up some images of her creative process. The step-by-step progress pics of this piece from the show, “Breathe in Peaceful Slumber”, show the stages of her technique from the initial drawing to the final layers. Take a look after the jump…

Streets: Roa Rooftop in London

AM met up with Roa when he was in London a couple of weeks ago and we watched him in action painting a large wall from a Hoxton rooftop. The Belgian street artist is producing some of the freshest outdoor work around at the moment with his layering and placement of pieces a key ingredient in the strength of his work. Roa spends hours treading the streets of various cities searching for locations for his work. His clever use of dynamics and perspective in his […]

Video: Jaybo x Remi/Rough x Juice 126 – ProjectRoom

AM recently brought you details of the ProjectRoom event that Jaybo and Remi/Rough held last month in London with Juice 126. The artists combined their talents to create three collaborative pieces of work on the night. This nicely produced video gives some background of the project coming together, along with footage of the live painting itself, so now you can enjoy the fun even if you couldn’t make it. Discuss Remi/Rough here. Discuss Jaybo here.

Teaser / Creative Process: Eric Fortune @ Roq La Rue

Opening next Friday, July 9th, in Seattle at the Roq La Rue Gallery will be a mini-show from Eric Fortune (interviewed). He recently revealed some thoughts behind one of the paintings, “Exquisite Departure” that will be part of that body of work – a first for him on canvas. Take a look some step by step photos of his process after the jump…

Videos: Evan Hecox – Creative Process

Our friend Evan Hecox’s (covered) talents have been captured with this very rad video. It catches Evan’s creative mind at work as he does a new series of work for Incase and Arkitip. From the photographic groundwork that he lays to the finishing strokes, this little documentary of his creative process is totally worth checking out. Via OMG Posters

Creative Process: Tristram Lansdowne

Just ahead of his solo show at LE Gallery entitled “Entropical Paradise” (previewed with studio visit), AM brings you a glimpse of how Tristram Lansdowne typically puts together one of his pieces. We asked Tristram if he would record some details of his artistic process for us – he did just that, and you can see the stages of one of his paintings coming together along with a some words from the artist after the jump.

Baby Tattooville ’09: Yoskay Yamamoto Reverse Studio Visit

Amidst all the releases, events and activities that took place during Baby Tattooville ’09, the one event that really provided true insight into the technical and creative processes of the participating artists was the organized Reverse Studio Visits.  For their visits, the artists (in this case Yoskay Yamamoto, Audrey Kawasaki, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Miss Mindy and Elizabeth McGrath) brought in-process works with them to BT ’09, spending an hour each painting and providing a behind the scenes peek at how they work in their studios.  […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Art Jam

If the artists at Baby Tattooville are the heart of the event, then the “Art Jam” is definitely the bloodline that is pumping throughout the event. Starting at 5pm on the opening day and lasting a little past 8pm the next night, “Art Jam” is a culmination of the all the participating artist’s hard work. Like in previous years, the blank canvas was tinkered with by a few brave artists during the initial dinner, but by the time midnight rolled around, one could clearly see […]