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Openings: Roid – “More Than Ever” @ TopSafe

Recently, the UK-based Roid opened his solo show More Than Ever with TopSafe London. The Heavy Artillery and MSK affiliated writer and artist presented a series of works featuring his progressive letterforms inspired by a diverse mix of  “music, nostalgia from the 80′s and 90′s, manga, and typography” which builds on his recent showing in Los Angeles (covered). Although the work has the requisite street aesthetic, he explains that he is also further influenced by concepts of precision, mathematics, and the idea of love stories […]

Openings: Vhils – “Diorama” @ Vera Cortês

After seeding his home city of Lisbon with multiple murals (here, here, here & here) highlighting his unique skills, Vhils (filmed) has opened his show there at Vera Cortês Art Agency. And, what a show it is! The comprehensive exhibition entitled Diorama devoted entire rooms to the various mediums the street artist favors for indoor work including mixed media on paper, metal, wood, and a new technique with styrofoam. Look for more from Vhils as he moves on for a showing at Magda Danysz in Paris […]

Openings: “The Rejects” @ Reed Projects Gallery

Last weekend in Norway, the inaugural show at Reed Projects Gallery, The Rejects, opened featuring work from Vhils, Roa, Escif, Dolk, Evol, Dan Witz and Brad Downey. The new showspace is the brainchild of the same people behind the annual Nuart Festival in Stavenger and presumably will now become the indoor gallery of those artists involved. Take a look at more photos from the opening below… Photo credit: Erik Sæter Jørgensen.

Openings: Naoto Hattori – “Mind Project” @ Copro Gallery

A couple weeks ago, Japanese artist Naoto Hattori opened a show at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica alongside Matt Dangler’s solo (covered). Not only did Mind Project bring a selection of the psychedelic and surreal paintings that fans have come to expect from Hattori, it also marked a rare appearance from him at the opening reception. Take a look at more photos from the show down below… Discuss this show here. Discuss Naoto Hattori here.

Openings: Mia Araujo – “Into The Woods” @ Corey Helford

Earlier this month, the Corey Helford Gallery opened their doors to new works from Mia Araujo (interviewed). Into The Woods featured medium to large paintings from the painter showing off her gift for composition and imaginative narratives. Structured like movie posters with central characters and supporting details and elements, the works evoke a feeling that the viewer is witnessing an epic tale or mythic adventure unfold before their very eyes. For those who missed out on the free mini-print that was given out on the night […]

Openings: Kevin Cyr – “In Praise of Rust” @ Jonathan Levine

A couple weeks back, the Jonathan LeVine Gallery also hosted a new solo from Kevin Cyr (interviewed) alongside Doze Green and Eric White. In Praise of Rust features the New York-based painter’s signature depictions of old vehicles, especially those with the patina of age and graffiti on its surface. If you have a similar appreciation of these vans and delivery trucks seen in most big cities, then stop by to check out the work before the show closes on June 16th. Discuss Kevin Cyr here.

Openings: HUSH – “Sirens” @ Metro Gallery

Last night, Melbourne artlovers were treated to a new solo show from Hush (interviewed) at the Metro Gallery. Entitled Sirens, the new body of work consisted of  13 large pieces and 24 smaller more experimental works as well as a wall murals and some hand finished touches. The new pieces have been in the making for over six months, time well spent building up layers and mixtures of chaotic throws, urban elements, textures, and the female form. Photos by Land of Sunshine and the gallery. Discuss […]

Openings: Matt Dangler – “Center Flame” @ Copro Gallery

A couple weekends ago, AM stopped by the Copro Gallery to check out the new paintings from Matt Dangler (interviewed). It has been awhile since we saw a large body of work from Matt (2009), so we were curious to see what Center Flame would reveal. What we saw was a collection of oil paintings that showed he still had a touch for the surreal, an imaginative collection of bizarre beasts, as well as continued references to his love for fish and things aquatic. Discuss […]

Openings: Augustine Kofie – “Working An Angle” @ Known Gallery

Over the weekend, Known Gallery presented a solo exhibition by artist Augustine Kofie (featured). Titled Working An Angle, this new collection of artwork continues to show the great craftsmanship and style that Kofie continues to perfect. This is the first solo showing for the artist since 2009’s Vintage Futurism (covered) and it also marks his first solo presentation at Known. The show featured over 25 pieces on wood as well as a collection of prints which all featured the artist’s signature style which combines a […]

Openings: Evan Hecox – “Dark Island” @ Joshua Liner

On Thursday, Evan Hecox made his return to Joshua Liner Gallery for his second solo exhibition. Entitled Dark Island, Hecox focuses his new body of work on New York and its renowned five boroughs. With a diverse range of mediums being explored for this show – from works on vintage New York Times from the 1800s to his detailed canvased works – the Denver-based artist made it a point to exercise his detailed style and incorporate site specific inspirations from the Big Apple. We especially noted […]