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Teaser: Keith Haring @ Gladstone Gallery

On May 4th, Gladstone Gallery will open a rare exhibition of never before seen works by Keith Haring. Focusing on the early evolution of Haring’s raw visual language, the exhibition is anchored by three previously unseen live paintings on paper created during a series of Bill T. Jones performances hosted at The Kitchen in 1982. The exhibition will also present a selection of the NY legend’s early sketchbook drawings, along with a series of lithographs commissioned by gallery matriarch Barbara Gladstone in 1982, which would […]

Teaser: ESPO – “Days” @ V1 Gallery

After an epic recreation of the historic Street Market installation along with Barry McGee and Todd James at the MOCA, Steve Powers aka ESPO has already moved on to his next undertaking. This time, it will be a solo endeavor at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen entitled Days opening on May 6th. The show looks like it will include many the legendary writer’s daily metaltations he posts on his blog that his fans will be familiar with. Via Vandalog. Discuss this show here. Discuss ESPO […]

Teaser: Joe Ledbetter – “Innards” @ Copro Gallery

Painter and toy mogul Joe Ledbetter will be presenting his newest solo show this June at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica.  Entitled Innards, the exhibition will feature Joe’s signature cast of characters and if you are lucky, perhaps even a Collosus Bunny will make an appearance. Discuss Joe Ledbetter here.

Teaser: “The Enchanted Forest” @ Strychnin Gallery (Berlin)

Coming up next month on May 13th, the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin will be presenting The Enchanted Forest. The group show, which features forest inspired imagery and partially benefits the WWF, was apparently put on in concordance with the United Nation’s International Year of Forests.  Artists include Luke Chueh, Mia Araujo, Travis Lampe, Lindsey Carr, Tom Bagshaw and many more. For more info on the piece above take a look here. Discuss this show here. Discuss Tom Bagshaw here.

Teaser: Ryan McGinness – “Trophies” @ PRISM

May will be a month of multiple Ryan McGinness shows in Los Angeles, one of which will be held at the PRISM gallery on Sunset.  Trophies, a new solo from the NY-based artist at the impressive space, will open on May 26th and feature new gold sculptures from his Women series (covered in Miami and New York). From some of the renderings seen above, it looks like there will be multiple wall murals planned along with the three-dimensional work. Other venues where you can catch […]

Teaser: Katrin Fridriks – “Leak of Information” @ Circleculture Gallery (Berlin)

Last we saw Katrin Fridriks’ work, she stole a London group show (covered) with her signature abstract color explosions. It now appears she has muted the palette, akin to one of the works exhibited prior, presenting a selection of monochromatic works composed in her uniquely organic fashion. Opening Thursday, April 28th at Circleculture Gallery in Berlin, the Icelandic born Paris-based artist will be targeting the ubiquitous technological underpinnings of modern society with her departure to more metallic color tones – silver, gold, steel, cooper, aluminum. […]

Teaser: Nate Frizzell – “To Become Myself” @ LeBasse Projects

Coming up in May, Nate Frizzell (interviewed) will be introducing a whole new collection of works at the Chinatown location of LeBasse Projects.  If you remember, his standout exhibition last year (covered) featured engaging paintings of children and their animal counterparts on a path of self-discovery.  For this new show, Nate will be exploring the use of a different medium – charcoal on paper.  It will be interesting to see how these turn out. Take a look at a couple more teaser images after the […]

Teaser: Pakayla Rae Biehn & Jeff Ramirez – “Being There” @ Thinkspace

After seeing Pakayla Rae Biehn in several group shows, it’s nice to see her finally present a larger body of work. Being There opens May 21st at the Thinkspace Gallery and will showcase the San Francisco-based artist’s ethereal works, often painted to give the feeling dream-like double exposed photos. Mark your calendars down now as the talented Jeff Ramirez will also be part of the double feature.  A preview image of his after the jump…

Teaser: Melissa Haslam – “Kigurumi” @ LeBasse Projects (Culver City)

When we first saw this new piece from Melissa Haslam’s (featured), we thought it was a photograph.  But, it looks like she has just upped the detail in this new body of work since her last show at LeBasse Projects (covered). Her new show is entitled Kigurumi will open in July and is inspired by cosplay enthusiasts that she knows. Take a look at a video by Melissa’s sister during a photo reference shoot of Kigurumi girls…

Teaser: Sarah Joncas @ Last Rites Gallery

At the end of the month, Sarah Joncas (interviewed) will be opening her new show at the Last Rites Gallery in New York. We last caught up with Sarah back in September of last year at her solo in Los Angeles, and it looks like she has kept busy since working on a new collection of paintings. Take a look at more pictures of from our friends at Hi-Fructose for more studio shots. Discuss Sarah Joncas here.