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Teaser: “The First Annual Supersonic Electronic Invitational” @ Spoke Art

This Thursday night, January 5th, the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco will be hosting The First Annual Supersonic Electronic Invitational. The group exhibition features new works from sixteen artists curated by Zach Tutor, who runs the web based art forum Supersonic Electronic and will include the work of Joao Ruas (seen above) among others. Full artist list after the jump…

Teaser: “Obey Your Master” Metallica Tribute Show @ Exhibit A Gallery

Fans of heavy metal and art will have a chance to attend a exhibition where their two loves get together for a rare intersect. Obey Your Master will feature a collection of artists (including Shepard Fairey, David Stoupakis, Shawn Barber, Usugrow, Paul Chatem, Chris Peters, Nathan Ota, Brian Viveros, Dan May, Sylvia Ji, and Travis Louie – seen above with a concept sketch of his zombie piece) who have each chosen a song from Metallica as inspiration for their art piece which will then be […]

Teaser: Colin Christian @ International Museum of Art and Science (Texas)

Next month in Texas, Colin Christian (interviewed) will be sharing some of his sculptural work at the International Museum of Art and Science in Texas. On display will be 20 of his fiberglass cyber-erotic and fetish-inspired creations including this 4 x 4.5 feet piece seen above entitled Outsourced. Don’t miss this showing if you are in the area on January 26th. Discuss Colin Christian here.

Preview: Thomas Woodruff – “The Four Temperament Variations” @ P·P·O·W Gallery

On January 5th, the P·P·O·W Gallery in New York will be hosting new work from the New York based Thomas Woodruff where he is also the Chairman of the Illustration and Cartooning Departments at the School of Visual Arts. The paintings for the show collectively entitled The Four Temperaments Variations were inspired by the theories of Hippocrates, when it was believed everyone’s body and mind were controlled by four different, mysterious, colored fluids – Sanguinic, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic – where any imbalance in these fluids […]

Teaser: SHAG – “Animal Kingdom” @ Corey Helford

Next February in Los Angeles, Josh Agle aka SHAG will be presenting a new body of work at the Corey Helford Gallery, site of his solo (covered) at the end of 2009. It looks like animal costumes and hijinks will ensue when Animal Kingdom opens with paintings all created in his retro-chic fashion. Discuss SHAG here.

Teaser: Natalia Fabia – “Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle” @ Jonathan LeVine

Opening on January 14th at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle will represent Natalia Fabia’s (interviewed) debut solo exhibition in New York. For those of you who know Natalia and her paintings, you will recognize that the title of the show references the very essence of her work. Regarding the show, she states – “Punk rock is one of my true loves. Punk to me is an attitude, a lifestyle. Punk is a middle finger, punk is do-it-yourself, do what you want. It’s a kind […]

Teaser: Os Gemeos @ PRISM

Continuing the stellar program at the PRISM Gallery in Los Angeles, the showspace will be hosting a solo show from Os Gemeos early next year. Despite their massive undertaking in October for their museum show at the Museu Vale in Brazil (covered), the twins look ready to start working on filling the architectural space on Sunset with their colorful street-informed paintings and sculptural pieces. And, judging from the image above that they chose for their show card, when the opening on February 25th rolls around – […]

Teaser: Eric Joyner – “It’s A Jungle Out There” @ Corey Helford

It’s been almost a year and a half since Eric Joyner (interviewed) last had a solo show (covered). So, fans of his signature robots and donuts will be happy to hear that his next body of work, entitled It’s A Jungle Out There, will be will be on display at the Corey Helford Gallery starting January 21st. It looks like his robots characters will be encountering some creatures of the great outdoors… Discuss Eric Joyner here.

Teaser: Banks Violette @ Blum & Poe

Thanks to Blum & Poe, the Los Angeles art world will be welcoming in the new year with a thunderous bang.  Banks Violette will be showing solo in the City of Angels for the first time ever (he’s shown at a B&P before in a 2006 group show and had a two-person exhibit at Peres Projects in 2004) and given the size and prestige of the gallery, we have a lot to be excited about.  Information, including the name of the exhibition, is not yet […]

Teaser: Adult Swim x Gallery 1988 (Melrose)

Here’s a show coming up for all the Adult Swim fans out there. On January 13th, the Gallery 1988 on Melrose will hold a group exhibition featuring, as inspiration, characters from the adult-oriented cable network that shares channel space with Cartoon Network. The opportunities for satire, irreverent commentary, and all out fun is limitless with the full slate of risque, unorthodox, and bizarre content up for grabs. For example, you will recognize the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force in the piece above from Scott Listfield that also cleverly […]