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Studio Visits: Josh Keyes

David B. Smith (interviewed) took time recently to visit Josh Keyes in his studio to check out the progress for his upcoming show “Sprout” (teased). David sent over some images for us to share with our readers and informed us that there will be about 10-15 paintings along with some new limited editions released. Since his many fans, including ourselves, loved his last body of work, expectations are high for this show opening May 30th at the David B. Smith Gallery. Judging from the initial […]

Openings/Video: I-Lib – “As Teardrops Fall” @ Stella Dore Gallery, London

AM stopped by to check out I-LIB’s (I Lurk In Bushes) debut solo show “As Teardrops Fall” at Stella Dore Gallery in London and we were blown away by his combination of spray paint and ballpoint pen drawings. This young artist has been causing a stir in the UK and we can see why there has been much interest in his work. Check out the cool video created by Neil Chester (above) as well as all the photos from the opening after the jump…

Video: Scratching the Surface – Vhils

Portugal street artist Vhils, who recently participated at the grand opening of Laz’s Rathbone Place as well as the Tunnel 228 project, just released a video he’s been working one entitled “Scratching the Surface.”  In it, employing excellent cinematography, he documents the creation of one of his pieces.  We also get a glimpse at his mastery of all tools of the trade – spray paint, stencil, power tools, hammer and chisel. Via Wooster.

Openings: Brian M. Viveros & Matthew Bone – “Southern” @ Last Rites Gallery

Last Rites Gallery, which bills itself as a home for artists that prefer to explore the darker side of their imagination, serves as the perfect backdrop for “Southern,” (previewed) the two-person solo show featuring the work of Brian M. Viveros and Matthew Bone currently on view at the gallery. At AM, we enjoy art that touches a nerve with viewers and garners strong reactions – this show certainly fits the bill. The crowd at the opening was delighted by the raw and uncut exploration of […]

Openings: Grow Up @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

Steve Lazarides opened his new five-story gallery in London’s Rathbone Place this week (originally reported here). Collectors, admirers and famous faces alike crammed into the new Lazarides location, which has been named “The Rathbone.” AM was at the private view opening on Thursday the 14th and the house was packed. Even those on the invite-only guest list had to queue outside for a chance to get in and see the latest installment of the “Outsiders” show. Many of the artists, including Antony Micallef, Conor Harrington (interviewed) and […]

Openings: Art Hong Kong 2009 International Art Fair

Continuing AM’s tour of Hong Kong, we made a stop at the Art Hong Kong International Art Fair. This vanguard Asian fair brings together top notch exhibitors from over 110 galleries. Much like our visits to Basel Miami and Armory NYC, in Hong Kong we experienced and saw work from some of the best talents in the art world. It was exciting to have such a collection of premium artwork centralized in one place. Check out all our exclusive coverage after the jump.

Openings: Jeff Soto – “Inland Empire” @ StolenSpace

Jeff Soto (interviewed) opened his UK solo show to a packed house at StolenSpace yesterday. Soto’s arrival in London had certainly stirred up lots of fans eager to meet him and see his work in person for the first time. AM was on hand to take some shots and spoke to people who had traveled from all across the UK to be there. They were rewarded with a strong, cohesive set of paintings, ranging from small to huge in size, with the largest measuring 5′ […]

Openings: Marion Peck – “Ladies and Clowns” @ Sloan Fine Art

Our friend, Travis Louie (interviewed), who just opened up a show of his own, sent us some pictures from the opening of Marion Peck’s “Ladies and Clowns” last Wednesday night at Sloan Fine Art.  This primarily new body of work mostly sold-out and featured paintings as well a video.  Take a look after the jump…

Openings: Allison Sommers – “A Brief History” & Joao Ruas – “Inner Myth” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Whoever coined the phrase “beauty is in the details” certainly knew what they were talking about. The two bodies of work currently being shown at Thinkspace Gallery, “A Brief History” by Allison Sommers (interviewed) and Joao Ruas’ “Inner Myth” certainly live up to this age-old saying. AM thoroughly enjoyed Sommers’ whimsical world and the intricately painted creatures that inhabit it and we were equally impressed with Fables cover artist Ruas’ mythology-inspired pieces. Get a detailed look at the work and see the rest of the photos […]

Openings: Jose Parla – “Reading Through Seeing” @ Ooi Botos Gallery (Hong Kong)

Last night, AM was lucky enough to be on hand to experience Jose Parla’s latest body of work Reading Through Seeing (previewed) which opened in Hong Kong at Oos Botos Gallery. Parla’s much anticipated return to Asia didn’t disappoint as he produced a gorgeous body of work on a variety of mediums: canvas, wood, ceramic and paper. Parla blurs the line between contemporary and urban art through a hybrid technique derived from his signature calligraphic style and gritty street influence. Many of Parla’s pieces reflect […]