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Previews: “Graffolution” @ Soapstone Gallery

Tonight is the opening of “Graffolution” at the Soapstone Gallery in Midtown New York. The street art centric line-up is packed with a list of artists such as: Subtexture, Matt Siren, See One, Sae Ster, Eric Orr, Meres, Joe Russo, Rob Lucinano, Billi Kid, Fumero, Vickipages, Josh Goldstein, Masasahiro Ito, UR New York (2ESAE & SKI) , Peat Wollaeger (stenSOUL), Veng (Robots Will Kill), Daniel “Krave” Fila, Charlie Green, Toofly, Erotica, Abe Lincoln Jr, Clark Fly ID, Ribs, KA, Ellis G, Joe Iurato, Slave, Sane 2, Gigi […]

Openings: Travis Louie – “Curious Myths” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

On Saturday night, Travis Louie (featured) premiered his latest body of work entitled “Curious Myths” at Joshua Liner Gallery. Opening along with peer Sylvia Ji (covered), this show was another consistently detailed and creative endeavor that we come to expect from Mr. Louie. Going big was no problem for the master monochromatic painter as we saw some rather large and extraordinary pieces from the New York native. The hometown crowd definitely showed up in force to support the show. This must see show runs until […]

Openings: Sylvia Ji – “Las Adelitas” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This past Saturday, AM attended the opening of Sylvia Ji’s (interviewed) “Las Adelitas” at Joshua Liner Gallery. The solo exhibition is Sylvia’s first in New York (previewed). Showcasing her signature Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) portraiture style, she honed in on the theme of “Las Adelitas”: the female fighters of the Mexican Revolution. Seeing her works in person gave us a whole new level of appreciation for the west coast artist. The eyes of her characters constantly draw the attention of the […]

Openings: Logan Hicks, Anthony Lister and Michael Kalish @ Opera Gallery (NY)

Last week, AM attended the opening at New York’s Opera Gallery where they hosted the opening for Logan Hicks (interviewed), Anthony Lister’s (interviewed) and Michael Kalish. Many attended the opening including Eric Haze, Charming Baker and crew. Check out the opening night pics after the jump.

Openings: Charming Baker – “Stupid has a new Hero” @ New York Studio Gallery

AM was on hand to experience the private opening of Charming Baker’s latest show “Stupid has a new Hero” at New York Studio Gallery (previewed). The pop up show welcomed a slew of friends and fans of London-based artist’s clever yet abrasive paintings. Charming and crew rolled out the red carpet for all to enjoy the special night by making sure everyone walked away with something in their hand; he even set up a cool hand silkscreen station where people could make their own prints […]

Preview: Charming Baker – “Stupid Has A New Hero” @ New York Studio Gallery

Our friend Charming Baker has been busy setting up shop for his first ever show in New York. As promised in our teaser, here’s an inside look from New York Studio Gallery where the crew is putting the finishing touches on the exhibition which is set to open to the public tomorrow, May 14th. Remember this show only runs for two weeks, so make it count. Check out the exclusive preview after the jump.

Openings: Shawn Barber – “Tattooed Portraits: Chronicle” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

AM attended the opening of Shawn Barber’s (featured) solo show – “Tattooed Portraits: Chronicle” at Joshua Liner Gallery a couple weeks ago. The ever-talented tattoo master created a new series of works based on various on the tattooing paraphernalia and portraiture of his friends. The intense paintings looked radiant in our interview with Shawn and in person, and they seem to jump out at the viewers. The body of work is quite large as Shawn took it upon himself to fill the entire gallery. It’s always […]

Openings: Shepard Fairey – “May Day” @ Deitch Projects (Part 1)

Last weekend, Shepard Fairey (featured) held his latest solo show “May Day” at the legendary Deitch Projects in New York City and effectively shut down a small part of SoHo with the crowds he drew at the opening night festivities. It seemed as though anyone and everyone who had an interest in art was in attendance. Celebrities, artists, gallerists, art affectionados, collectors and loyal fans of Obey Giant came from all over the world to attend the show. Fans traveled from Germany, Memphis, San Francisco, […]

Events: Brooklyn Museum – Artist Talk & Book Signing with Shepard Fairey

The last time we were at the Brooklyn Museum, we were taking in Takashi Murakami’s Retrospective (covered).  Recently, we went back with our friend  Shepard Fairey as he gave an insightful artist discussion (previewed) along with a book signing for museum patrons and fans.  Lining up as early as 11AM to get a prime seat, many of New York’s art fans came out to listen to Shepard speak about his turbulent history in the street art scene. The talk also became interactive as attendees were […]

Setup: Shepard Fairey Mural – “These Parties Disgust Me” for Deitch Projects

AM was on hand to document the creation of Shepard Fairey’s (featured) latest outdoor project on the mural space hosted by Deitch Projects at the corner of Manhattan’s prime Houston & Bowery Street. As teased, the final product was true to the preview image which we first released. Armed with cans of spray paint, vats of wheat paste and a few “cherry pickers”, the Obey crew (Dan, Nick and Zee) braved the unexpected downpours to build this tremendous new mural. Check out our full coverage of their progress after the […]