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Art Focus: Mitch Griffiths

In this newest installment of our Art Focus, we introduce the work of British artist Mitch Griffiths. His style is inspired by Old Master paintings, but he cleverly subverts what he has learned to depict issues that affect modern society. The composition, light, and poses that draw their influence from his studies have now been intermingled with powerful imagery that relates to concerns of the 21st century. For those interested in seeing his work in person, he is represented by the Halcyon Gallery in London where […]

Art Focus: Sonia Rentsch

Sonia Rentsch is an artist and designer based in Melbourne who worked recently on a project that caught our eye. Harm Less is a series of photos she arranged for the January Biannual that featured plant life arranged to resemble various weapons. The dried plant life stills were meant to “ponder the themes of Life, Death, Ritual and Evolution.” Check out more images below… Via Highsnobiety.

Art Focus: Robert Burden

Robert Burden’s artwork centers around his love for childhood toys, heroes, and icons & is the subject of our latest Art Focus feature. His nostalgic representations of these action figures from his past are set against backgrounds and patterns taken from fabric, rug, or wallpaper from his home while growing up. This elevation of these mass produced items with a reverence and almost talismanic obsession is an ironic metaphor for the consumer addiction seen today. The series of work seen here was included in his […]

Art Focus: Joel Rea

We are ready to introduce another artist to you via our Art Focus feature – Joel Rea. The imagery of the Australia-based painter typically includes characters wrestling with forces of nature, often with a surreal effect. Those of you in Sydney can check out his work in person as one of his portraits has been selected for Salon des Refusés with the exhibition running through May 19th at the S.H. Ervin Gallery (National Trust Centre). Otherwise, you can follow his facebook fanpage here or check […]

Art Focus: Yao Lu

Our latest Art Focus article introduces the work of Chinese photographer Yao Lu. In particular, his latest series of digitally modified photographs entitled New Landscapes caught our eye – featuring transformed piles of garbage covered in green protective netting tricking the eye (with the placement of additional items) to see traditional Chinese landscape paintings. The work makes a powerful political statement as to the cost of the rapid urbanization of China juxtaposed against the beautiful scenery that has been lost forever because of said modern development. […]

Art Focus: Patricia Piccinini

Our eyes were recently drawn to the work of Patricia Piccinini with a sculpture that is currently part of a group show (How To Tell The Future From The Past) at Haunch of Venison New York. Entitled The Carrier, the hyper-realistic piece from the multidisciplinary artist makes the viewer almost think it is real if not for the fantastical creature that is holding an elderly woman on its back. Take a look at more detailed photos below… Via Designboom. Discuss Patricia Piccinini here.

Art Focus: Jake & Dinos Chapman

Jake & Dinos Chapman, often referred to as the Chapman Brothers, are English artists known for their subversive humor and provocative work often dealing with themes of  violence and death. What caught our attention recently was a new epic miniature landscape composed of four encased diorama entitled The Sum of All Evil that they created for their current show Chicken at the PinchukArtCentre in Kiev. The brothers often utilize historical references and inspiration from some of their favorite artists like Hieronymus Bosch and Francisco de Goya in their work, with this piece being no different.  Take a […]

Art Focus: Fabien Mérelle

Last month at Art Stage Singapore (covered), our attention was drawn to photos of this exquisite sculpture from French artist Fabien Mérelle shown at the Edouard Malingue Gallery booth). The piece entitled Pentateuque features a man bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders (in the form of an elephant),  a translation of a drawing by the same artist into a three-dimensional form. The sculpt was created wit resin, paint, hair and fabric, and stands only 30 x 27 x 12 inches. For those who liked this work, […]

Art Focus: Jane Edden

Just like artists we have covered in the past like Polly Morgan and Kate Mccgwire, English artist Jane Edden utilizes birds for her materials and medium of choice in her work. This recent series collectively entitled Ornithomorph (on view at Flowers Gallery through January 26th) consists miniature jackets created beautifully from hundreds of tiny feathers. The small sculptural pieces are Edden’s way of “our attitudes to nature and the intention behind our consumption of natural materials.” Take a look at more examples below… Via Designboom.

Art Focus: Shintaro Ohata

For our newest Art Focus feature, we will be introducing the work of Shintaro Ohata, currently represented by Yukari Art in Japan. As both a painter and sculptor, he combines his acrylic renderings with polystyrene based sculptures into one piece in novel ways. These every day scenes of people going about their business from the Japanese artist are accented by the three-dimensional elements that are painted to look like the “backdrop” piece itself. Take a look at more examples of the work below… Tipped off by Graffart.