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Art Focus: Eckart Hahn

For this week’s Art Focus, we take a look at the work of German painter Eckart Hahn. The self-taught and ever-evolving artist works in acrylics with his most recent series featuring portraiture of animals paired with synthetic materials. For those interested, today is the last day of his showing at Pablo’s Birthday Gallery in New York entitled Ancient Light. Via Beautiful / Decay.

Art Focus: Christophe Avella-Bagur

This week, our Art Focus feature returns with a look at French painter Christophe Avella-Bagur and his Floating Souls series. The striking portraits comprise of what appear to be a bland outer layer which represents what the world expects from us, whereas the color and detailed version on the inside represents our true selves. Avella-Bagur has extensively exhibited in French museums and art centers, as well as European and Asian art fairs with a current show in New York at the Galerie Richard for those […]

Art Focus: Willy Verginer

For your Memorial Day Weekend perusal, we have this week’s Art Focus on sculptor Willy Verginer. The intricate works from the Italian artist are carved usually from a single piece of wood featuring people interacting with inanimate objects or animals in some interesting positions. Often the pieces are accented by ornate floral elements or segmented colors lending them a sense of whimsy. Via Beautiful Decay.  Photos via Galerie Majke Husstege & Arch|dez|art. Discuss Willy Verginer here.

Art Focus: Sharon Moody

This week’s Art Focus sets its sights on Washington, D.C – based Sharon Moody and her gorgeous and photorealistic comic book paintings. Moody, who is also employed as a graphic designer, has been a teacher at Georgetown University since 1998, including instructing in courses of drawing, painting, design, and technical art history. This particular series of works have been labelled her trompe l’oeil paintings, which play with deceiving the eye and convincing the viewer that objects depicted in art appear in three dimensions.  Well played… […]

Art Focus: Carmichael Collective

This week’s artist we are introducing to you is the Carmichael Collective, (a creative company located in Minneapolis, MN) and their humorous street interventions. Although they have a diverse set of works, including Urban Plant Tags the #LivingTrophy, our Art Focus is on their Bug Memorials. Featuring pimped out funeral paraphernalia for dead insects, the memorials include portraits, flowers, candles, and more.

Art Focus: Eduardo Kobra

Brazilian street muralist Eduardo Kobra is the chosen artist for this week’s Art Focus. The Sao Paulo-born painter’s public art is sometimes politically motivated with messages on pollution, global warming, deforestation, war, and more although much of his work is nostalgic with the purpose to simply beautify the urban environment. He has also worked on projects with major corporations such as Coca Cola, Nestlé, Chevrolet, Ford, Roche, Johnnie Walker, just to name a few. More photos of his work after the jump…

Art Focus: Shi Jindian

For this week’s Art Focus, we point you to the wire sculptures of Chinese artist Shi Jindian. Bringing to mind the intricate and ethereal mesh work from Do Ho Suh, Shi instead creates his pieces by wrapping steel wires around object and then destroying or extracting the inner object leaving only a metal shadow. If you are in Hong Kong, stop by Contemporary By Angela Li as one of his pieces was recently part of a group show there earlier this month. More photo of […]

Art Focus: Jennifer Celio

This week’s Art Focus takes us to Long Beach, California where Jennifer Celio works with graphite on paper to create landscapes of a world where certain environmental issues have been amplified to get her message across.  Whether it is forests of cellphone tower trees, or where every house either has an oil pump or a wind turbine, her attention to detail and her clever manipulation of reality make her pieces stand out. Today is the last day to see her drawings in person at the […]

Art Focus: Amanda Nedham

For this week’s Art Focus, we present to you the graphite skills of Amanda Nedham. A good representation of her work is a new collection of pieces she has produced for her Half of Less Than Ten showing that opened last week at the LE Gallery in Toronto. These new intricate drawings are inspired by Napoleon’s love letters to his wife Josephine and demonstrate her attention to details as well as her morbid take human impulses and their relationship to animals. More images after the jump…

Art Focus: Peter Lippmann

For this week’s Art Focus, AM would like to introduce the photography of Peter Lippmann. Although he has produced some wonderful series of work on rotting fruit, destroyed cameras, remixes of master paintings, and more, we will be looking at his Paradise Parking shots. For this particular set of pics, the Paris-based American-born photographer features classic cars parked for the last time and subjected to the unrelenting forces of nature. More photos after the jump…