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Update: Shepard Fairey – AP Case

Just as Shepard Fairey resolved his legal troubles in Boston, it appears the his case with the AP has taken an interesting turn. Mannie Garcia, the original photographer of the infamous Obama image used by Fairey now appears to want a piece of the action. He had originally told the New York Times in February: “I don’t condone people taking things, just because they can, off the Internet. But in this case I think it’s a very unique situation. If you put all the legal […]

Shepard Fairey arrested in Boston

It seems that the Boston Police Department were not at all impressed by Shepard Fairey’s status as Presidential portraiture or his 20-year retrospective at Beantown’s Institute of Contemporary Art. According to The Boston Globe and Huffington Post, Fairey was arrested last night around 9:15pm as he tried to enter the ICA, where he was scheduled to DJ the museum’s sold-out Experiment Night dance-party (with tickets going upwards $500 on Craigslist). Police Officer James Kenneally stated the department had Jan. 24 warrants alleging the Los Angeles artist tagged […]