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Openings: MS Fundraiser for Tim Strazza @ Joshua Liner Gallery

We all hit bumps in the road, but with a little help we can all overcome any obstacles. As mentioned previously, a good friend of AM and assistant director of Joshua Liner Gallery, Tim Strazza, was unfortunately diagnosed with a Multiple Sclerosis. We helped sponsor a fundraiser created by the gallery to generate funds that went to support Tim and his medical bills. It seemed that almost everyone came out of the woodworks to donate artwork for the charity auction including a heavy rotation of […]

Openings: Audrey Kawasaki – “Restlessly Still” @ Merry Karnowsky

On Saturday night, the LA art crowd packed the Merry Karnowsky Gallery to see the work of three artists – Femke Hiemstra, Deedee Cheriel, and of course Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed). On display were paintings and cutout drawings all displaying Ms. Kawasaki’s exquisite eye for detail, mastery of her medium (especially in integrating wood grain), and her sensuous touch. After being impressed by what we saw in an advanced look a couple weeks ago, we can now say that seeing the pieces on the walls and in the proper […]

Benefits: MS Fundraiser for Tim Strazza @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This Thursday, a very special art fundraiser will be held at Joshua Liner Gallery for our friend Tim Strazza who was unfortunately diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We are helping to sponsor a benefit event where all proceeds will go to his medical bills. Some of your favorite AM artists have generously donated works for the cause which will be available via a silent auction. Online absentee bids will be available, so please contact the gallery. The art community has banded together to show their support. […]

Preview: Audrey Kawasaki – “Restlessly Still” @ Merry Karnowsky

Since a solo in early 2008 and a mini-show at the end of 2008, fans of Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) in Los Angeles have had little to cheer about.  Well, no solo as of yet but at the end of the month, the next best thing will be opening at Merry Karnowsky Gallery – a joint show with Femke Hiemstra and Deedee Cheriel. The LA-based painter known for her seductive imagery and soft touch will be presenting seven new paintings and four drawings when the doors open […]

Time Release Print: Audrey Kawasaki – “Charlotte”

AM stopped by for a visit with Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) yesterday and caught her in the midst of signing her next time release print.  If you remember, she put up a couple paintings for a fan vote back in May with the consensus winner being the image you see above – Charlotte (which originally exhibited at the Suggestivism show). We’ll have more details later but look for an early August release date. Also, as you know, she’ll be showing at Merry Karnowsky at the end of the month. […]

Teaser: Audrey Kawasaki @ Merry Karnowsky

Since her series of shows in Australia at the end of 2010, Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) has been hard at work getting ready for her next show. Fans in Los Angeles will be happy to know that on July 30th, the new body of work will be revealed at Merry Karnowsky alongside two other artists – Deedee Cheriel and Femke Hiemstra. For those curious about the new paintings, we’ve gathered some more shots she uploaded to Instagram after the jump….

Previews: “NY Ink” @ Wooster Street Social Club

Many tattoo fans who have followed LA Ink & Miami Ink probably already know that tonight will be the series premiere of NY Ink. And, as the title indicates, this spinoff is set in the Big Apple. For all you art lovers, there’s an additional reason aside from the sick tattoos and drama to check out this show – amazing art. Earlier this year AM was tapped to help curate the inaugural season of the show. Artwork from artists such as Shepard Fairey, Audrey Kawasaki, […]

Next Audrey Kawasaki Timed Release Print

For those Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) fans out there, the time has come for another one of her timed release prints where an unlimited number are sold as long as you put in your order within a window of time. The Los Angeles-based artist’s limited editions usually sell out almost instantaneously, so make sure you take advantage of this rare chance to grab one of these.  Currently, there is vote to determine which image above will be released – either I Won’t Forget You (left) or […]

Charity: “Artist Help Japan” Art Auction

Christina Conway, who if you remember curated the kokeshi show (covered), has again put her curatorial skills to work – this time to benefit the Japan relief efforts. Artists like Audrey Kawasaki, Yoskay Yamamoto, Jeni Yang, Allison Sommers and many more were asked to paint “Emas” – small wooden tablets left at Japanese shrines, usually with an image on one side and a handwritten wish or prayer on the other. These small pieces of art were then put up for auction here, where your bids […]

Teaser: “Tiny Trifecta” @ Cotton Candy Machine

New York art collectors who operate on a budget, take note of a show this Saturday night at the Cotton Candy Machine. The Tara McPherson boutique and gallery space will be holding a grand openings exhibition featuring 100 artists with works for $100 on the 100th day of the year.  You can see the full list of participants after the jump, but there definitely will be pieces from many of our favorite artists in including these Audrey Kawasaki cutouts seen above.