Quiet... Andre is on the set!

Many tattoo fans who have followed LA Ink & Miami Ink probably already know that tonight will be the series premiere of NY Ink. And, as the title indicates, this spinoff is set in the Big Apple. For all you art lovers, there’s an additional reason aside from the sick tattoos and drama to check out this show – amazing art.

Earlier this year AM was tapped to help curate the inaugural season of the show. Artwork from artists such as Shepard Fairey, Audrey Kawasaki, Ian Francis, Antony Micallef, Dan Witz, Sylvia Ji and more can be seen lining the walls of the set. We stopped by the initial filming to catch the crew hard at work and bring you a behind the scenes peek look at all the action. Remember that the series will premier tonight at 10pm EST on TLC.

Check out more photos and a video after the jump.

One of the stars of the show: Ami James... sup dog!?

The lovely Caroline giving us a tour of the fight room